"My wife and I started working with Andrew after a serious marital crisis arose. We found ourselves stuck in a cycle of anger, hurt, and misplaced blame. We had experienced marriage counseling in the past, but Andrew's help was much more focused and intense than traditional therapy. Although he's able to mediate objectively as a neutral third party, he can also strongly advocate for one side or the other when necessary. In this way, Andrew helped us identify and validate the underlying feelings that are often the key to the healing process. Andrew was able to quickly guide us into focusing on the real issues. It is fair to say that my wife and I accomplished more in a few hours with Andrew than we could have in weeks of therapy. We are so grateful to Andrew and I know that he can help any couple as long as both partners are willing to change."
- A couple in marital crisis

"My wife and I had many issues to work through. Andrew was able to effectively identify the issues and come up with creative, workable solutions. He has a kind yet no-nonsense manner that makes him a pleasure to work with. We were very pleased with the results."
- Husband and wife in conflict

"Andrew was instrumental in helping my husband and I work through a transition period in our lives, and he enabled us to resolve a significant source of stress in a short period of time. He skillfully guided us through a process in which we both felt equally heard, understood and valued. Andrew zeroed in on the issues underlying our challenges by asking poignant questions and probing deeply and skillfully, but in a non-intrusive way. He was able to get to the root of our concerns, facilitate our discussion and extract the facts on a neutral playing field. This allowed us to listen to one another without letting our individual fears and assumptions cloud or skew the conversation. Before talking to Andrew it was as if we had a burden looming over us, holding us back from making any change or taking action. With his ability to dissect a problem and objectively, accurately and sensitively guide a couple to understand it, Andrew offers the priceless benefit of clarity. This clarity empowered us take charge of our lives again with a clear plan to move forward...what a gift! We would highly recommend working with Andrew to any couple or individual struggling with making progress in any aspect of their personal or professional life."
- A couple in financial distress and transition