I use a number of forms and questionnaires as part of the mediation process. These instruments are designed to be completed as part of the intake assessment process.

Pre-Mediation Couples Questionnaire
This questionnaire is designed to give me a sense of how you view your significant other, your relationship, and different aspects of your life outside of the relationship. Your responses to this questionnaire will be kept strictly confidential from your partner, so please be honest and open. This questionnaire will not only help me to better mediate the conflict in your relationship, but it will also help you to begin to think about what needs to be addressed in mediation in order to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

Please feel free to browse the questionnaire. If we choose to work together, I may ask you to complete it and forward it to me prior to the first mediation session.

Click here to download the form.

Mediator-Client Agreement
This contract is intended to establish roles, expectations, and commitment to the mediation process for each of my clients and me. Please feel free to review the Agreement. If we choose to work together, we will complete it together at the beginning of the first mediation session.

Click here to download the form.