"Andrew was referred to me by a very good friend. I was not sure what to think about coaching. All I knew was that I was going through many personal and professional ordeals. I could never really make it to appointments because of my graduate training program. His ability to be flexible about phone times to talk makes him really stand out amongst other coaching services. Andrew extracted information from our conversations and was able to help me see bigger points. He helped me strategize ways of dealing with multiple hardships I was going through. He is very clear, articulate, and caring. He encouraged me to reach out to him for anything. You do not find many people who are willing to help you, and stick with your goals as Andrew does. On top of that he is willing to work with my crazy schedule on evenings or weekends. I recommend him to anyone who needs help with multiple, complex issues of balancing work, personal life, education training, and stress (and many other topics, too numerous to write out)."
- Graduate student

"Andrew's guidance renders peripheral years of unproductive thinking. His coaching makes space for a practical plan that focuses on your potential and your passions. And he manages to remain non-judgmental while helping you decide what the future will hold. A totally positive experience."
- Client transitioning from academia to small business ownership

"I've done a lot of self improvement work in my life, and found my sessions with Andrew Lewis, to be some of the most powerful and useful work I have ever done. Andrew is insightful, intelligent, well trained and one of the best in his field. I highly recommend him."
- Broadway actor and producer

"Andrew is a find. His sessions resonate long after. His guidance is responsible for me making better decisions and actions throughout the week and thus affording me a more effective and pleasurable life. I don't want to be without his help."
- Small business owner

"I always knew that I had it in me, but Andrew helped to pull out the strength in me to explore what I really want out of my life. His positive, gentle guidance has helped me tremendously to get on track..."
- 27-year-old college graduate tired of waiting tables for a living

"I just blew up my life at 41 years of age. It feels like I am starting completely over again. Andrew has been an invaluable source of strength and support throughout this entire transition. He is very methodical in his approach and he never lets me off the hook. More importantly, he is teaching me how to believe in myself again... to trust that I have the answers I need to build a brighter future."
- 41-year-old seeking a fresh start in life

"I always thought that I would be relegated to making a living doing what I was good at, not what gave me any true sense of fulfillment... that is, until I started working with Andrew. I feel like I am being given a second chance at life. I cannot wait for our weekly sessions and I leave feeling more charged and motivated than the week before. There is no question that coaching really does make a difference. And, Andrew is an outstanding coach."
- 43-year-old entrepreneur ready to pursue her passion

"I lost my husband a few years ago. We were best friends and lovers. He meant everything to me. As a result, I have found it very difficult to move on with my life. I started working with Andrew a couple of months ago. And, although it is still a challenge for me to get out of bed most mornings, I have to admit that it is getting easier. Andrew is helping me to realize all of the wonderful things I have... no, want... to live for."
- 67-year-old widow struggling to move on with her life

"Andrew is truly marvelous at his job. When I talked to -------- at 6pm last night I was scared. Then she talked to Andrew for 2 hours and she was a completely different person. I just want to express my most heartfelt thanks for his efforts. He truly goes above and beyond the call of duty and genuinely cares for his clients. He is a phenomenal individual."
- Post medical school intern in crisis